SureSealPavement_image_122115While many people dread the winter months, property owners who do not perform asphalt pavement maintenance regularly have an extra reason to dislike the coldest months of the year. Winter often brings snowstorms, ice storms, and slush, which can all cause big problems for asphalt driveways and lots. Water damage is one of the biggest causes of damage to pavement, and snow can hide pavement defects, allowing them to grow worse throughout the winter. Often, damage caused by water seepage can end up costing property owners a lot of money to repair.

By performing regular asphalt pavement maintenance, property owners can keep their pavement in good condition throughout the winter months and avoid costly repairs. Here are some basic things property owners should be doing to maintain their asphalt driveways and parking lots.

Fix Cracks

Small cracks in a driveway may not seem like a big problem, but often they are an indicator of extensive damage beneath the asphalt’s surface. Water from snow- or rainfalls seeps into cracks and degrades the ground beneath your driveway or lot. This is what leads to potholes, uneven pavement, and other extensive and costly damage. Sealcoating is the most effective and affordable way to cover these cracks and prevent water from getting in. Pavement crack sealing involves pouring a sealant over your driveway or lot, which completely covers any small cracks or fractures in the asphalt. For more extensive cracks, you may repave your driveway using asphalt paving.

Repair Extensive Damage

Once extensive damage has occurred, it’s important to quickly have it fixed. Just like how cracks can lead to much bigger damage, potholes can lead to even more serious and costly damage, particularly when water is seeping into them. As well, potholes are even more of a safety hazard in winter, when snow may obscure them from view. If someone is injured or damages their vehicle due to a pothole on your driveway, you may be liable. Pothole repair should be done immediately. Waiting can lead to the development of bigger potholes that will be more expensive to repair.

Hire Experienced Professionals to Clear Snow

Clearing snow from your driveway is a good idea. It prevents water from pooling on asphalt and helps keep water damage from occurring. However, snow ploughs are large and extremely heavy vehicles that can easily cause damage to pavements when not driven by professionals. Snow ploughs can scrape off the surface of the asphalt as well as damage curbs or other protrusions if they hit them. For light snowfall, regularly clear your driveway with a shovel, and it’s always good to signal where your curbs are using markers, such as cones or posts. When you are going to have a snow plough clear your lot, make sure the driver is a professional.

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