asphalt pavingTemperature changes, seasonal transitions, and the various elements that come with them can all have a tremendous impact on your asphalt pavement. Although asphalt pavement is incredibly durable, it’s not completely indestructible and requires routine maintenance throughout the year. In order to administer the proper form of maintenance your asphalt requires throughout the different stages of its lifespan, it’s important to know exactly how each seasonal change impacts it.

Keep reading to learn how hot and cold temperature changes as well as various weather conditions can accelerate asphalt pavement wear and tear over time.

Cold Temperatures

Ontario is currently in the midst of transitioning from fall to winter. This is a pivotal time in the lifespan of your asphalt pavement. As the temperature continues to fluctuate during this time of year between cold and warm days, your asphalt pavement will continue to contract, which weakens the binding agent and causes cracking.

If the cracks aren’t fixed fast enough, snow, precipitation, and debris can seep in. This leads to extensive damages. Widening cracks will eventually become potholes which attract even more water and debris. The colder the temperatures get, the more the water that’s penetrated the surface of your asphalt pavement will freeze and expand, causing more cracking.

Hot Temperatures

Excessive heat in the spring and summer has the opposite effect on asphalt pavement. The higher temperatures cause the asphalt to expand to the point where the pavement can begin to crack. Minor cracks expand over time as the asphalt continues to expand and external elements like water and debris continue to seep in. Eventually, water and debris will erode the substrate and air bubbles will begin to form, further weakening the structural integrity of the asphalt and leading to more extensive cracking throughout.

Neglected cracks turn into potholes, which can be a dangerous liability for commercial parking lots.


Heavy rainfalls pose potentially serious problems for your asphalt pavement throughout the year. Over time, standing water that collects in dips and depressions throughout your property can erode the surface of the asphalt pavement and eventually seep in that way.

Once water penetrates the surface of the pavement, the moisture begins to dissolve the binding agent in your asphalt, causing it to crumble and break. Steep inclines and a damaged catch basin are the main culprits for this type of water damage.

To prevent water from pooling, make sure your drainage system is always in proper working condition.

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice in the winter can also wreak havoc on your asphalt pavement. In addition to being extremely dangerous, the immense pressure of heavy snowfalls and ice formations can weigh down weak spots in your asphalt pavement, causing dips and depressions where melted snow or runoff water can pool. This will lead to cracking and other issues.

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