recycle composite parking curbsParking lots are common places for small accidents, vehicle damage, and injuries, which is why you can find parking stops in almost any lot. These blocks, placed at the end of each parking space and also along high-traffic areas, help control where cars can go and prevent them from backing into buildings, other vehicles, or incoming traffic.

Typically, parking curbs have been made out of concrete. However, more property owners are now starting to use recycle composite parking stops. These curbs are made from either recycled plastic or rubber, or sometimes even mixtures of the two. While they are better for the environment, property owners use them more for the numerous other benefits they have.

Why Use Recycle Composite Parking Stops?

There are many major benefits to using recycled parking blocks that go beyond its naturally environmental friendliness.

Easier to Install

Concrete parking curbs typically have a very heavy and intense installation process that requires heavy equipment or machinery. Recycle composite parking bumpers typically weigh less than 200 pounds and can be easily carried and secured in place by two people. There is no complicated installation process involved.

Easier to Move

Since recycle composite parking stops weigh so little, they can also be moved around very easily. If changes need to be made to the parking lot, or the property owner wants to open up a restricted area, the parking curb can simply be moved by two people with basic tools.

More Visible

Recycle composite parking curbs have options for higher visibility. Not only can they be painted in bright colours or patterns for night-time use, but some rubber curbs can come in a variety of styles or colours. They are great for use during the night, and cars will be less likely to drive into them.

Less Damage to Cars

When a car does hit a parking curb, recycle composite curbs will do much less damage to the vehicle than a concrete curb would. Scratches, dents, and punctures are less likely to happen, as the material isn’t as harsh.

How Does Rubber Compare to Concrete?

When it comes to recycle composite curbs, one of the big concerns property owners often have is about their durability. Surely rubber is less durable than heavy, hard concrete, right?

In actuality, rubber and plastic curbs are not only much more durable than concrete but they last a lot longer too. Concrete is extremely susceptible to weather conditions and the elements. Everything from water to the cold to UV radiation can cause cracks and fissures in concrete curbs, which cause them to break down. Not only do concrete curbs easily get damaged from weather conditions, but they can chip or break on impact or be damaged by oil residue from cars.

In contrast, recycle composite curbs are very resistant to cold, heat, water, oil, and UV radiation. Unlike concrete curbs, they do not sustain significant damage nor crack when exposed to the elements. As well, while rubber is a softer material than concrete, it is that softness that makes it almost impossible to break, chip, or crack.

Recycle composite curbs are by far the most durable choice for parking lots, which also makes them the most cost-efficient choice. Property owners typically don’t have to worry about regular maintenance or upkeep, let alone purchasing new curbs.

Why Use Our Recycle Composite Parking Stops?

Sure-Seal Pavement Inc.’s recycle composite parking stops are some of the most durable and resistant in the industry. When you use a Sure-Seal curb, you can be assured that it will last years beyond that of a concrete curb, if not decades. As proof of our belief in our product, we will replace any of our recycle parking curbs that break—free of charge. This is a commitment we rarely have to honour.

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