Commercial pavement maintenance is a safety measure for the protection of staff and clientele. Commercial properties include retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, institutional properties, and recreational yards. 

Commercial Pavement Maintenance

The Importance of Maintaining Commercial Pavement

All types of paving are designed to withstand the heavy weight of vehicle and foot traffic as well as to handle environmental effects. The weather itself, whether it is rain, snow, ice, and sun, can increase the rate of deterioration of the pavement components. Tire friction and harmful ultraviolet rays can cause the pavement to crack and crumble, allowing moisture to penetrate the surface and foundation, weakening the structure. 

Types of Commercial Pavement

Commercial pavement is available in a variety of materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Asphalt pavement is by far the most popular option. Aside from its affordability of materials, asphalt paving has a long lifespan, protects against extreme weather conditions, and withstands regular heavy traffic flow. Asphalt pavement can begin to “melt” in extreme heat, however, and does not allow moisture to penetrate the surface, which could cause water pooling.

Concrete is the second leading type of pavement due to its advantage of low-cost maintenance, capability to withstand extreme hot weather, and availability in various colours/textures. It can easily crack in extreme cold weather and does not provide proper drainage to prevent pooling of water. 

Signs That Commercial Pavement Needs Maintenance

It is important to recognize when commercial pavement repair is required, regardless of the materials used. 

  • Visible Cracks and Potholes: At the first sight of potholes and cracks forming, repair is required to protect the condition of the lot as well as prevent accidents and liability claims. 
  • Faded Pavement Markings: Aside from the less aesthetic appeal of faded pavement, take note as the damaging ultraviolet rays can weakened the strength of the asphalt material. 
  • Standing Water or Drainage Issues: Small and large pools of water across the commercial property can be a sign of poor drainage. The moisture can cause potholes to form. 
  • Uneven Surfaces or Tripping Hazards: Whether the weight of heavy traffic, water damage, or poor installation has caused significant indentations or uneven surfaces to form, repairs are necessary as soon as possible. 

Commercial Pavement Maintenance Strategies

Along with installing new pavement, there are a few commercial maintenance strategies to consider that will ensure the safety of all users. 

  • Routine Maintenance: Regularly scheduled maintenance can help preserve the condition of the pavement by preventing damage. 
  • Cleaning Pavement Surface: Allowing dirt and debris to collect can cover areas that require attention and repairs in addition to creating damaging conditions. 
  • Sealing Cracks and Joints: Take the initiative to prevent large cracks from forming by sealing existing joints and cracks.  
  • Resurfacing: For areas of the paved property that requires correction or repairs, resurfacing is a method to prevent a complete replacement of the entire lot. 
  • Preventive Maintenance: Preventative maintenance is a cost-effective strategy for any commercial property.  
  • Asphalt Seal Coating: Asphalt seal coating is a protective coating over the asphalt surface to protect water, fluids, and moisture from penetrating the pavement and damaging the components and underlying foundation. 
  • Pavement Rejuvenation: A paving rejuvenator consists of coal tar, oils, and solvents which restore damaged asphalt while protecting it from further damage. 
  • Slurry Sealing: Slurry sealing is a method to protect against moisture penetration.
  • Crack Sealing: Crack sealing is a cost-effective measure to apply adhesive to small to moderate cracks to prevent larger ones from developing. 
  • Corrective Maintenance: Corrective maintenance is a proven method to retain the structure of the pavement and ensure future issues are not overlooked. There are several types of repair and maintenance to choose for the asphalt pavement. 
  • Pavement Reconstruction: Reconstruction is designed to remove and replace a portion of the pavement in areas where it is needed the most. It can help to extend the lifespan, address any safety concerns, and allows for improvements where necessary. 
  • Asphalt Overlay: Performing an overlay targets minor issues of cracks and ruts while providing a smoother driving surface. As it is installed on top of the paved surface, it does not treat any underlying damage. 
  • Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR): This process involves crushing the existing asphalt and combining it with the underlying base materials to form a permanent solution. This provides flexibility in areas where grading is needed. 

Selecting a Commercial Pavement Maintenance Contractor

Commercial paving contracts require a team of professionals with experience, knowledge, and access to the proper equipment. Discuss your needs with prospective contractors before agreeing and signing any documents. 

With any formal bids or quotes, the lowest submission may not always be the best. Consider the amount of experience, insurance coverage, licensing, type of equipment, and the number of available crew members of each contracting firm. 

Once a reputable contractor is confirmed, there are a number of guidelines recommended to follow for a smooth and easy process. Before a contract is finalized, settle on a price for the project and ensure both parties are aware of each other’s expectations about the plan and final cost. Allow the contractor to manage the project with updates to be reported to you. 

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