New modern office buildingWhen it comes to choosing the right type of paving material for commercial properties, owners are left with the choice of whether to pave with asphalt or concrete. Both are cost-effective solutions, but asphalt paving and the related services are the most affordable, costing between 30% and 40% less than paving using concrete.

Asphalt paving has many benefits in addition to the cost, including:


Unlike concrete, your parking lot can be ready to use in as little as one to two days, depending on the size of your property and the time of year, when you use asphalt paving services. In contrast, concrete may take up to a week to set.


Concrete may have the reputation of being a tough paving material that lasts, but if not installed or mixed correctly, it can start to break down and “flake” over time, called “spalling.” This is especially true if salts used to melt ice and snow are regularly applied, which is common during the winter in Southern Ontario.

Similarly, spalling can be an issue if concrete parking lots are installed hastily. Asphalt, however, is much more flexible and far less likely to crack, plus professionals will take the time to make sure that it is installed properly and will last.

Low Maintenance Costs

When paved asphalt does start to show signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, it can be repaired quickly and for a low price. While the materials are inexpensive and even people with no experience can attempt this project, it is still recommended that you leave it up to the professionals, especially if you are filling in multiple cracks in a parking lot.


Asphalt used for paving is made up of sustainable materials, including sand, stone, and gravel. When it is used on surfaces such as roads and highways, it can help to cut down on emissions from cars. Producing asphalt also uses considerably less energy and asphalt milling services can recycle the materials they use for paving. And with its durability, asphalt can last for years!

One of the other benefits of asphalt paving is that with asphalt’s black colour, it will absorb heat and help to melt snow more quickly, something that property owners in the Greater Toronto Area will doubtlessly appreciate following a heavy snowfall.

Asphalt paving services from Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. are truly the best solution for property owners looking to it as a cost-effective solution, an easy maintenance solution, or a way to help the planet. We provide asphalt paving and maintenance services for commercial properties at an affordable price and using only high-quality, eco-friendly materials. Call us today for a free quote!