The condition of the asphalt paving of your residential, commercial, or industrial property is only as good as the underlying base. The foundation of the surface must be properly formed and constructed to withstand the heavy foot and vehicle traffic as well as the effects from environmental factors. 


Does Your Asphalt Have the Right Foundation?

One of the important rules of thumb for asphalt paving contractors is ensuring the product is placed on a smooth and compacted ground service. This entails using equipment to flatten and compress the underlying “floor” before the pouring of asphalt. You’ll notice any potential sore spots in areas that sink down when heavy machinery is introduced onto the foundation. In some cases, additional materials of soil and rocks may be required to build up the ground for an even level surface. 

Why Your Asphalt Surface Needs a Good Foundation

Here in Ontario, we experience an extreme range of fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions throughout the year. From high levels of humidity and temperatures in the summertime to the sub-zero frigid temperatures of winter, the ground beneath us is significantly affected. The colder months can see the ground freeze, forcing the earth to expand. All of these factors place pressure on the layer(s) of asphalt. 

During the foundation formation, testing is done to ensure the sub-layer is secure and solid. While the asphalt layers need a particular amount of flexibility, the foundation itself must be contained. Any cracking is repaired before the asphalt product is applied. 

With a durable foundation, the asphalt is less likely to succumb to cracks and damage. The rugged components of asphalt require the underlying surface to be solid and tightly compacted. Without it, significant damage and property issues can ensue. 

Below are some reasons why your asphalt surface needs a good foundation. 

Ensure Your Surface Will Have Proper Drainage

A properly laid asphalt foundation can prevent the surface and surrounding areas from becoming waterlogged and develop dangerous pooling of water. Experienced asphalt contractors understand the importance of proper drainage in regard to the preparation of the foundation. 

Asphalt tends to have a surface that initiates any running or falling water to be forced away from the top surface. This is why the asphalt surface is constructed with slopes and elevations. A properly compressed foundation will prevent dips from forming when the asphalt is applied. Any signs of slow drainage will appear during the initial stages of the application.   

High-Quality Materials

While the components of the asphalt should be of top-quality to protect the condition and longevity of the pavement, it is also important that the foundation be of good quality as well as the quantity. Soil, crushed rocks, sand, and/or aggregates need to be properly combined to form a solid base. The testing of the products should show there to be no breakage when walked upon. 

Your Asphalt Surface Will Require Less Repairs

As the asphalt pavement requires a firm foundation, utilization of the right materials can extend the lifespan and the condition of the asphalt itself.  Regular wear and tear, weather factors, and effects from chemical and liquid spills can cause the asphalt to be repaired or in some cases, completely replaced before time. A durable and flat foundation can help prevent the need for frequent repairs. It is crucial for a solid foundation to provide support to prevent low spots or areas where the asphalt can sink into, which in turn will call for costly repairs. 

Your Asphalt Surface Will Be Safer

Compare the foundation of an asphalt road or lot to that of a house. A poorly laid concrete foundation of any structure will succumb to the fluctuating temperatures and weight of the building by forming cracks and holes, thereby weakening its condition. The same thing occurs with the base of an asphalt lot. There is little risk to pedestrians and vehicle traffic with an asphalt surface that is free from dips, holes, and cracks. 

The Longevity of Your Asphalt Surface Will Be Extended

If properly constructed, an asphalt paved lot should last up to 30 years with regular inspections and maintenance. A firm foundation may help the asphalt to be in good condition for 20 years before only resurfacing is needed. A complete replacement may not be needed for at least 25 to 30 years. 

Careful Construction Practices

Asphalt repair services are needed from time to time to fix surface damage usually caused by vehicle accidents. The foundation of the area is well-protected by the asphalt layers. By staging the area with a solid base, the standard of workmanship and quality products are aligned with careful construction practices. 

Set the Foundation and Get the Paving Services 

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Through our seven-year pavement warranty, our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your asphalt paving lasts for years. Our services of cleaning, line marking, and regularly scheduled maintenance checks will help enhance the condition and lifespan of your property. Call us today for a quote or to learn more about our asphalt paving process.