Empty car parking spacesParking curbs are a simple and effective solution for preventing low-impact accidents and collisions in parking spaces. While accidents are primarily believed to occur on roads and highways, minor collisions in parking lots and garages are a common cause of damage to both vehicles and property. By using recyclable composite parking curbs, property owners can easily prevent damage to their property.

What is a Parking Curb?

Parking curbs are physical blocks that help drivers determine how much space they have when backing into a parking space. If a driver isn’t careful, they can back out of the parking space into other vehicles, the side of a building, or even other people, causing damage to both their vehicle and whatever (or whoever) they backed into. For preventing damage to your home or building, parking curbs should be a necessary component of any parking space.

By placing a parking curb a few feet from the back of a parking spot, drivers can feel when their wheels touch the curb and know when to stop. They are used in both outdoor parking lots and indoor garages.

Why Use a Recyclable Composite Parking Curb?

While many parking curbs are made from concrete, recyclable composite material is not only cheaper but also more effective. Concrete parking curbs are very difficult to install and maintain, and they can easily cause damage to vehicles. As well, concrete parking curbs easily break due to exposure to salt and snow.

Here are some of the reasons why a parking curb made from recyclable composite material is the best choice for any parking space.

Lower cost

Using recycled material costs much less than using concrete. Since recycled material lasts longer than concrete, there is also no need for expensive repairs or maintenance every few years. Furthermore, installing and removing concrete curbs is incredibly expensive, as machinery and crews are required, whereas recycled curbs have no associated installation costs.


While concrete parking curbs require an extensive installation process, recyclable parking curbs do not. They are light enough to be carried by a couple of people and placed in a parking spot, but heavy enough to not require any installation to stay firmly in place. These lightweight parking curbs can also easily be removed whenever needed, unlike with concrete curbs, which require heavy machinery.


Recyclable parking curbs can be customized for a variety of purposes, unlike with concrete. Paint jobs last longer on recycled composite material, and logos and other customizable features can often be added. Painting your parking curb allows you to increase visibility, designate special parking spots (like handicapped spaces), or even colour-code with your business.


Not only are recyclable parking curbs the cheaper and easier option, but they are also much safer. Concrete is harsh and can cause wear-and-tear on vehicles. As well, when concrete curbs start to break down, they can become dangerous. Pieces sticking out can cause scratches or punctures to vehicles, and they can easily be a hazard for people, causing trips or falls. Recycled material is both softer and more durable.

Environmentally friendly

Parking curbs that use recycled material are also much better for the environment. Consumers and the public are increasingly expecting companies to make environment-conscious decisions. Recyclable composite parking curbs are a way that you can be “green” while actually saving money.

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