Myths about asphalt pavementOver the years, the widespread use of asphalt for paving various infrastructures such as major and minor roads, parking lots, driveways has become a staple of North American contractors. Considering the many benefits asphalt provides, its current popularity is highly warranted. However, asphalt wasn’t always the prized paving material that many contractors consider it to be today. In fact, it had a pretty shady past and because of that, there are still many myths about asphalt that linger to this day.

Myths about Asphalt Pavement

The following are some common misconceptions about asphalt that were true at some point but are no longer accurate.

Asphalt Has a Short Lifespan

While this might have been true in the past when asphalt was first used as a paving material, it’s no longer the case. Modern technological advancements, updated application methods, careful installation, and regular maintenance can actually extend the lifespan of your asphalt pavement to about 25 years or more. As every Toronto-based contractor knows, whenever new asphalt is applied or pavement is repaired, a protective layer of asphalt surface coating or sealcoat should be applied. This will keep your asphalt pavement looking fresh while also prolonging its longevity.

Asphalt Plants Negatively Impact the Environment

This is another asphalt myth that used to be true but has ceased to be accurate. In recent years, asphalt production plants have invested millions of dollars into updating their equipment, their mixing methods, and their general protocol to adhere to the strict guidelines set out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Major improvements have been made across the board, resulting in substantially lower fossil fuel emissions by these plants to the extent that they’re no longer on the EPA’s list of environmentally dangerous institutions.

Asphalt Pavement Is Expensive

Asphalt pavement is no more expensive than concrete. In fact, it’s actually less costly to install and maintain. As long as proper measures are taken throughout the installation and maintenance processes, there’s no reason why you should pay a significant amount for your asphalt pavement. Plus, with routine maintenance and repairing damages, asphalt pavement will last a longer time and require fewer repairs and replacements than concrete.

Asphalt Pavement Is Difficult to Repair

According to a lot of professional contractors who’ve been in the business for a long time, asphalt pavement is actually a lot easier to repair than concrete, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much either. Asphalt is a highly durable substrate that’s built to last for many years, and it can withstand some of the toughest weather conditions, structural damages, cracking, and damage from heavy vehicles due to its incomparably strong structural foundation.

Asphalt Doesn’t Need a Solid Foundation

This myth doesn’t even make any sense because without a solid foundation, asphalt pavements and roadways would collapse under the pressure of numerous two-tonne vehicles, causing complete mayhem, outrage, severe injuries, and even death. Asphalt pavements absolutely require a solid foundation in order to deliver high-quality results and long-lasting sustainability.

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